About The Book

Hot on the heels of Jamie Oliver……there is a new food revolution happening in lunchboxes everywhere, ‘The Lunchbox Revolution’ is changing the way parents and children think, shop and pack their daily lunch.

Written by a Naturopath, nutrition specialist and busy Mum, The Lunchbox Revolution is destined to help every family get back to basics and rediscover great tasting healthy foods that are simple to prepare and kids will love to eat…. 64 pages of colourful lunchbox ideas even the kids can make.

Mona Hecke, a local Gold Coast based Naturopath is the face behind the book which addresses frequently asked questions about everyday health matters in an easy to read colourful format as well as helpful recipe ideas from breakfast through to dinner.

Childhood Obesity, Diabetes, Allergies and chronic health conditions are on the rise throughout the western world and this can be largely attributed to the foods we are eating. It is time for change! ‘We need to get back to basics and it all starts at home’!

Mona’s aim is to make ‘The Lunchbox Revolution’ change the way we look at food, purchase food and prepare food. “I hope that this book becomes a valuable resource tool for every family and inspires everyone to choose ‘fresh over fast’”.

The recipes cover a range of cuisines, tastes and food group variations while still keeping in mind the nutritional requirements that growing bodies need…and the recipes are not just for the kids. Working parents can benefit too while saving money on buying lunches in the work place.

‘The Lunchbox Revolution’ is available in all good health food stores and is also the ideal healthy fundraiser for kindys, schools and community groups.

‘My hope is that I can inspire you and your children to ‘make it, eat it, love it’ and rediscover how amazing healthy food can be!